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Container  Transport 

We are specialists at moving high volume import/export containers. We have one of the most experienced customer service and despatch teams in the business, that prides themselves on getting containers to their destination on time every time. 

The ongoing supply chain issues in New Zealand and across the globe have meant that the simple act of getting a container to port is more challenging and costly than it ever has been. 

To overcome this our operations team works to ensure that any roadblocks are removed to get the containers - to/or from port/rail or a customer site. 

We know that it is business critical for our customers to get these containers off to foreign markets or to get the imported product into their silos without delay.

Our transport model

Over the past three years the cost model for container transport has changed dramatically due to the increased charges being levied by ports, rail and empty container depots. 

These infrastructure charges, that were once passed through shipping companies are now being levied through the road transport line item.

To ensure that we are able to move our customers containers efficiently and cost effectively we have now offer multi modal options including - road, rail and/or coastal shipping - or a combination of all of the above.

We look for options to take cost out of your container transport, while at the same time improve reliability. 

Supply chain expertise

Supply Chain is our business. It is continually evolving - often with subtle changes that are not well communicated or accepted by another department. 

We study the market, identify these shifts and work with our customers to mitigate the impact.

Bonneys container transport
Container Storage

Full Container Storage

Storage of import and export containers is a key part of the Bonney's internal supply chain. 


When it's not possible to take containers directly to site or port we offer an option to hub and store import/export containers to avoid demurrage and site congestion and to provide a just-in-time service for manufacturers.

Import containers

If you choose to hub your import containers we will rail/road or transfer the container shipment off port to the Bonney's Rail CT Site located at KiwiRail, Southdown.

Our team works with you to deliver the container at your convenience.

Export containers

When our customer sites become congested to due to shipping delays or seasonal peaks - we are able to hub and store your export ready containers until they can be accepted at port/rail.

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