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​At Bonney’s we are committed to the principles of sustainability including financial, environmental and social responsibility and is actively engaged in the practice of continuous improvement.

  • We operate our facilities in a manner that ensures full compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.

  • We strive to promote technological innovations that help reduce harm to the environment and improve our conservation efforts.

  • We strive to prevent pollution, to utilise energy and resources efficiently, and to reduce and dispose of waste responsibly.

  • In the development, design, and operation of our facilities, we consider our financial, environmental and social responsibilities.

  • At every stage of operation, we minimise environmental impacts and consider health and safety issues.

  • We strive to raise awareness within our workforce and customers to enable them to conduct their own environmentally beneficial activities.

  • We are committed to communicating with, and engaging, employees, contractors, business partners, suppliers, customers, visitors and communities to build relationships based on honesty, openness, mutual trust and involvement.

  • We take responsibility for meeting the requirements of this overall policy, and are continually improving our financial, environmental and social performance.

Bonneys Sustainability
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