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Container Level Service Agreement

Uplift of imports from Port
Auckland Ports

Three business days after the container has cleared or we have been notified that it is available for pick up. This includes but is not limited to: Port of Auckland, Metroport and Rail.


Port of Tauranga and Northport

By arrangement

Bulk tipping
Booked with Bulk Despatch

Import Containers

Devanning: Six business days

Dekitting and/or cleaning: Two business days

Container Dehire: Five business days


Please note: The SLA resets when factors beyond Bonney’s control prevent us from dehiring a container. Factors include but are not limited to:

  • No nominated depot

  • No acceptance at depot

  • Depot not accepting containers from your shipping line/carrier

  • Booking cancelled

  • Depot closures

Export Containers

Empty Drop

Cut off for instructions 2pm day prior to delivery.

Delivery is dependent on:

  • Container Depot booking slot availability

  • Container Depot stock availability


Containers advised and ready for pick up two working days ahead of cut off.

SLA for multiple services

The combined total of the business days allowed for each service provided.

Business Days

Business days exclude weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays.

Factors beyond our control

  • Bonney's will not accept any liability for demurrage or detention when the factors are beyond our control including but not limited to unavailability of VBS bookings, congestion or multiple shipments for a single customer arriving at the same time.

  • Any acceptance of a claim for detention is at Bonney’s discretion and does not limit our ability to refuse any future claims.

  • The amount accepted will be calculated at the lowest tariff rate irrespective of the actual amount charged by the shipping line

  • Any liability that is agreed to, will relate to business days only.


Please refer to our Terms regarding Detention Liability

How we count days: 

How we count days across all SLAs

  1. Day 0: Day of notification if received before 2pm, if received after 2pm Day 0 is next day.

  2. For example:
    Scenario 1: Email notification received Monday 12 noon – Monday is Day 0.

    Scenario 2: Email notification received Monday 2pm – Monday is Day 0.


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