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Specialised Bulk Transport

Our specialised fleet transports food grade ingredients including wine, milk, vegetable oil, flour, water, sugar and AdBlue.

  • Our fleet consists of food grade units and non food grade, tankers and ISOs.

  • Wine:

    • Our dedicated wine fleet is based in Penrose, Auckland; Hautapu, Waikato and Blenheim in Marlborough.

    • Our Auckland and Blenheim sites are equipped to wash wine, juice and liquid sugar tankers.

    • We have a wide range of compartmentalised tanker combinations and ISO tanks.

  • Bulk liquids:

    • Food grade oils

    • Dedicated food grade oil tankers​

  • Pneumatic tankers

    • Delivery of flour and sugar from producer to manufacturer

  • Container tipping​

    • Food grade and non-food grade tipping units to deliver a wide range of products including flour, sugar, vegetable oil, resin and vegetables.

  • Decanting services​

    • Seabulk to tanker

    • Tanker to seabulk

      • Flexitank fitting

Bonney's bulk liquid transport
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